Two Weeks Before Halloween, I remember It's Halloween

Two Weeks Before Halloween, I remember It's Halloween

I am terrible about remembering holidays. I've tried to shop on days where stores are closed, and tried to mail packages when the post office is shut tight. So now it's two weeks before Halloween and I'm doing a post on costumes. 

I know. 

Over the last two weeks, where I ignored pumpkins and witchy costume tutorials, I finally caught on and frantically tried to think of what I would dress as if I were the type of person to dress up. 

1. Beyonce:

rhinestone ear cuff, bodysuit, silver boots

Apparently there was a tour? Get your Superstar Alien on with this sweet sparkling earcuff ($30), One size silver bodysuit ($20), and these Steve Madden Harpir silver booties, size 7.5 ($71).

2. Wednesday Addams: 

black rose tassel earrings, nanette lepore lace dress, clarks black combat boots

Get your milkmaid braids together and practice your dance moves. Channel your fave member of the first family of spooky with black rose tassel earrings ($30), Nanette Lepore Lace dress with kitten bow, size 6 ($30), and Clark's black leather combat boots,size 6 ($75).

3. Doja Cat:

pink sunglasses, corset crop top, refashioned dip dyed jean shorts cutoffs

 Exercise your right to be original in a nod to the artsy hip hop vocalist. Pink 90s style sunnies ($20), a stretchy crop top with corset bones and roccoco painting, sizes S, M, L ($30), and these SEB Market BK exclusive dip dyed cutoffs, size 28" ($68)

4. Downtown Diva:

non [rescription glasses with matching plastic chain, reworked handpainted CK dress with chains, gold lame headband

This is niche. Pretend to be a rich-ish girl who likes punk and old I Love Lucy reruns and hanging out in clubs with velvet couches where you can smoke and flirt all night. You will need fake glasses with matching chain ($25), handpainted CK dress with chains, size 10 ($90), and a gold lame topknot headband ($25).

5. Ken and Barbie:

I already did that shoppable post, you can see it here.

Until next time, when we talk about the new vintage section, and how to get retro for fall. 

See you later! 






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