Who We Are

SEB Market BK is me, former fashion photographer and stylist, Faith C. Bowman. Not to be confused with all the other Faith Bowmans, I'm the one who went to London and had a whole photoshoot in some random dude's backyard. 

I loved taking photos but after moving to New York in 2009, it seemed less stressful to get in front of the camera. So I spent some time being a fashion journalista for Examiner.com and pushing my blog Sassy Ethnic Bohemian on Lucky Community.

After a few years of getting free stuff and going to fashion shows, I started selling my excesss swag on ebay in 2015. Since then I've expanded to depop, Mercari, and Poshmark to sell new, preloved, vintage and refashioned items that reflect my individual taste. 

In my final form, I'm a background actress who's flashed before your eyes on shows like Law & Order SVU, the Gossip Girl Reboot, And Just Like That, Succession, Full Circle and The Other Two. I might be nothing but a blur, or a vibe, but I'm there, pretending to be a normal person. When I'm not out playacting, I'm hard at work building my personal passion project here on Shopify.

This site is basically the story of a girl who lived in a time before cell phones and social media. A girl who loved ripping up her thrifted clothes and creating looks that were unique, fun, and achingly personal. A girl who would put anything together (think vintage skirt, cheap band tee, oversized blazer and combats) then sail out the door feeling like enough. 

Every headband, pin, and vintage or reworked item is handpicked by me, inspired by things I wore or wanted to wear in. All reworked items are created by me, using thrifted items and fabric scraps that I'm always saving for no reason.

Each one of one piece is one less item wasted, and gives you an original, unique piece that expresses your feelings and style.