We Have Vintage Now!

We Have Vintage Now!

I've looked at a lot of other shops trying to figure out how I can make this site appeal to people and be more profitable and at the end of the day, decided to add vintage clothing and accessories to go with what I already have.

Why? Because. 

I can do whatever I love, and I lovet to sell vintage. I love vintage, I love the fact that the items have survived the test of time, I love how older items can fit into a modern aesthetic, I love the variety of items, I love vintage. The hair accessories, pins and headbands are actually meant to work with vintage and sometimes I refashion vintage, so it's an authentic decision. 

Let's style some vintage and see how we feel...

1. Y2K Miss Sixty graphic tank top, size S, $125

ys2 tank top handpainted jacket zara skirt star hair clips

First off,  Miss Sixty is having a resurgence so this tank top is now back in the moment. Supersoft, nearly sheer Italian cotton with an enigmatic layered image featuring a red cat head. I put this together with my own handpainted Jou Jou faux leather jacket (with punk rocks studs and spikes), $150 and a recycled skirt from Zara, $20. I think the steel star hairclips (set of four), $12 have a 90s/Y2K vibe. 

2. 70s Geiger Countryside Print Wool pleated skirt, size M, $125

geiger 70s vintage wool pleated skirt

I found this skirt at a flea market in Paris, and I think it's one of the best pieces that I ever found. 70s era pleated skirt, made of 100 percent wool, but lightweight. Beautifully printed with a rustic scene of the Eurpoean countryside. I paired it with  Guess tshirt with clashing stripes, $20 and another 70s vintage gem, a scarlet cardigan from Archie Brown & Son, $50. Add a moonstone studded Emmeline headband, $35, and you're money. 

3. 90s Athletic Works windbreaker, size M, $30

vintage 90s athletic works bamboo earrings leather skirt g-III 80s led zeppelin tshirt

 This black, white and beige windbreaker can go over pretty much anything and add an air of athletic insouciance. It's a menswear item, but what does that matter? I think it will look great with my reworked Led Zeppelin tshirt, $30 and my 80s G-III soft leather midi skirt, only $68.Finish it off with 80s style, hip hop aesthetic bamboo earrings, $20

 Do you love it? Yes, of course you do!

Until next time, 

SEB Market BK.




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