Accessorize my sweet new Loveshack Fancy x Gap dress with me!

Accessorize my sweet new Loveshack Fancy x Gap dress with me!

I bought the cutest dress recently and when it arrived I decided that it would make an awesome blog post about accessorizing, because I sell accessories, right? Exactly.

Isn't it darling? I got up super early to shop the Loveshack Fancy x Gap collection and this dress just jumped into my cart. Love. 

And it fit perfectly! It's like wearing a birthday cake. It's like being Marie Antoinette about to stroll the grounds of Le Trianon and, idk, milk a goat for afternoon tea. Flirty, sweet, ruffly and crisp. I decided to rifle through my inventory so that I could turn THE dress into MY dress. Let's get into it!

Y2K Icy:

I thought it would be fun to work in a cool, silvery palette to start. I pulled out a vintage icy blue Kenneth Cole baguette, $30, and some recycled silver mules from Something Navy x Treasure & Bond, $20 size 7. I kept to the blue and white of the dress with these fun marbled acrylic earrings, $16. Finish off the look with a scattering of silver metal star hair clips, $10 on hair brushed flat. 

The Lobster:

Blue and white will always benefit from a hit of bright red or pink, that's a given. It felt right to go full maximalist with my Anastasia Ruby jewel encrusted headband, $45 and gold and faceted crystal lobster earrings, $30. This also felt like the exact moment that you need reworked Riudavet sandals with fuschia feathers, $70 to set the whole thing off. 

Boho B-Girl:

I love gold, so I grabbed a big 60s vintage Crown Lewis gold leather clutch with wrist strap, $85. Then add a Goldie Love topknot headband, $25, and ferocious bamboo hoops, $20. The Old Navy gladiator sandals,$20, are the perfect finish to this Brooklyn Boho look.

Candy Girl:

 A little eccentric, a little giddy and a pop of Wes Anderson. It's hit after hit of whimsy and color, from head to toe. Starting with my Lemon Sparkles embellished headband, $35, and the colorful and sparkly Princess Candy bib choker,$30. Keep the sweetness going with our rainbow Gummy Chain bracelet, and end it with these citrus bright preloved patent leather Junie mocs from Coach,$35

I also loved how the Boho Festival necklace stack, $25 added color, fun and a beachy/boho vibe. This stack reminds me of the candy necklaces from back in the day. So cool.

 I ended up doing the Lemon Sparkles headband, $35 and a pair of vintage 90s Honey Bee acrylic earrings, $20 which went perfectly with my fave red lip. Loved it. 

Until next time!

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