A Short Post About Shorts

A Short Post About Shorts

    It's August and I'm two months late posting about the reworked shorts that I procrastinated about making. As a reseller of preloved and vintage treasures, sometimes I find myself with items that are too good to throw away, but have lost their will to live and succeed. That's how the sewing pile was born, and how I ended up taking sewing lessons. And sashiko mending class, and embroidery class, and watching tons of sewing tutorials just so I can do things like add pockets to preloved jean shorts. 

Life is good. Let's get into it.

The Hot Pockets:

These reworked AEO cutoffs actually had no pockets. Like, how does that work? You need front pockets for ice cream money, lip balm, and other treasures. It's a crime, and I was on the case. 

These shorts have the perfect sky blue wash, and wonderfully frayed edges. I decided that they would be complimented by a country style, vintage patchwork print pocket. I had salvaged the cloth from another sewing project, so it's sustainably sourced. Once the pockets were done, I added a sprinkle of embroidered flowers in complementary tones. Case closed, cutoffs now perfect. 

Patch Work:

Orange is such a perfect summer color, and these Madewell cotton canvas shorts are the perfect shade of creamsicle, but just needed a little help. I combined colorful patchwork patches with contrasting sashiko stitching for  a sweet 1 of 1. You can wear them with a crisp white cotton button down, or tshirt, with espadrilles or flipflops. 

Tattoo This:

These used to be dark wash, straight leg LL Bean jeans, but I decided that they need a refit. Cut short, bleached, and then I added the flair. A little distressing, some studs and pearls, and a racing stripe. But my favorite part is the temporary tattoos that I used as patches on the front and back pockets. The front features a spill of summer roses, and the back features koi fish. So pretty, and you can safely handwash them. Now they're the perfect beach bum cutoffs.


The Animal Type:

I love these. Handpainted Uniqlo cutoffs with animal print and paint splotches, with embroidered hearts and flowers. These were literally made for long days at the pool or beach, comfortably covering up a swimsuit bottom so you can pass the dress code but still be sassy. 

 The Art Project:

These reworked BDG jean shorts are completely out of control. The darkwash shorts were bleached, then dip dyed to resemble the classic summer treat, A Bomb Pop. The hem is layered with denim and sashiko stitched cloth pieces sewn in a zigzag pattern. Gunmetal pyramid studs trace the curve of one front pocket, and the other has a brocade panel sewn into it. The back has handmade panels with sashiko stitching. Original, unique, and recycled. 


Until next time! 



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